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creating-capable-kids-xl picture NHPSorry for long delay in posting. We have been working on our book, Creating Capable Kids. It’s done! But will not be available until the end of May.

We will be blogging weekly here at how-kid-learn.com as well as on our Facebook Page How Kids Learn. The FB page has over 500 followers and will include briefer, more frequent posts.

Here is a little more about the book: The book explores the twelve ways children “naturally” learn and how parents and teachers can create capable learners who can handle anything that life throws at them.

Kids, even ones who struggle in school, are capable of so much more than we are currently asking of them. By incorporating the twelve key capabilities, such as sensory awareness, creative imagination, emotional and self-awareness, parents and educators can promote the three most critical tools for children’s survival and success: continuous learning, problem solving and increased knowledge and meaning. Using stories of three different types of children, called Zoe, Mia and Daniel, the authors demonstrate the value of life and of the “Capabilities Approach” theory on how to cultivate inquisitive, actively engaged, motivated, perceptive and resilient children.



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