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When Thinking Gets in the Way of Learning

Not overthinking

Wait! Learning without much thinking? Isn’t this a recipe for not really learning? Isn’t the purpose of education to improve cognitive skills and create good thinkers? Well, of course but… There is a whole side to learning that is implicit, requiring little overt thinking or teaching. While this is readily apparent in young children as they learn to interact, talk … Read More

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Announcing Creating Capable Kids

creating-capable-kids-xl picture NHP

Sorry for long delay in posting. We have been working on our book, Creating Capable Kids. It’s done! But will not be available until the end of May. We will be blogging weekly here at how-kid-learn.com as well as on our Facebook Page How Kids Learn. The FB page has over 500 followers and will include briefer, more frequent posts. Here … Read More

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