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Kids Learn When They Learn to Listen

It’s shocking that an ability which children rely on for up to half of the school day is rarely evaluated nor a major focus of instruction. Listening is the cornerstone to learning, the foundation of reading and critical to reasoning. It is far more important to academic and personal success than learning fractions, decimals or reading strategies. When was the last … Read More

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Announcing Creating Capable Kids

creating-capable-kids-xl picture NHP

Sorry for long delay in posting. We have been working on our book, Creating Capable Kids. It’s done! But will not be available until the end of May. We will be blogging weekly here at how-kid-learn.com as well as on our Facebook Page How Kids Learn. The FB page has over 500 followers and will include briefer, more frequent posts. Here … Read More

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3 Types of Students / Children to Worry About


There are three types of children parents and teachers should worry about – They are students like Zoe, Mia and Daniel. We should worry about academically-talented students like Zoe, who everybody thinks is doing a wonderful job in school. Zoe’s parents worry about her because she isn’t being challenged, has no creative outlets and complains of boredom. We should worry … Read More

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Don’t Teach Thinking Skills


Everywhere you turn there are intelligent people thinking in crooked, deluded, unreasonable ways. Harvard-educated and Tea Party favorite Ted Cruz, Benghazi conspiracy theorists and global warming deniers, to name a few, are thinking at the higher-levels of Bloom’s taxonomy (maybe with more analysis than synthesis). Like my favorite lyric in a song whose name I have long forgotten says, “thinking … Read More

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The Best Approach to Education You’ve Never Heard of

Kinder klettern eine Leiter hoch

Do you know what educational approach or framework you are using? Do you know the history and philosophy behind the teaching methods you use? It is called Instructionalism, a silent specter behind most everything you do in the classroom. It also is a major influence in the way we parent our children. It was formalized by The Committee of Ten … Read More

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